The Casualty List 1930

January 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 02 January 1931

The Casualty List 1930


3-Dennis Cooke (34), Conisborough; fall of roof, Cadeby Main

6-John Edward Staniforth (40), Barnsley; fall of stone, Darfield Main

18-James Edwin Ward (27), Hemingfield; found drowned in Wombwell Park


6-Edward Derek Driver (five), son of P.c. Driver, Conisborough; knocked down by dray

Richard Pemberton (47), miner, Adwick on Dearne; killed by Paddy mail, Manvers Main (no satisfactory evidence at inquest and coroner ‘dubious.’)

17 – George Alfred Howarth (6), West Melton; knocked down by motor bus.

William Kirby (16), haulage hand, Goldthorpe; runaway tubs, Hickleton Main

20-Ernest Brammer (45), surface worker, Mexborough; killed at boat staith, Denaby Main Colliery.

22-Albert Greenhalgh (centre), grocer, Denaby; riding pillion at Maltby.

24-Ernest Cusworth (West Melton), Thomas King (Mexborough), John Poole (Wath), Herbert Allott (Wath), Leonard Unwin (Roman Terrace), John Dyson (West Melton), John Russell (Bolton); victims of explosion of gas in Billingly Drift District, Wath Main

25-Arthur Richard Capner (47), miner, Thurnscoe; Hickleton Main.


4-Albert Hoyle (33), rope spinner, Wombwell; died in hospital from injuries received in Cortonwood Colliery, 27th February

16-Willie Taylor (54), colliery contractor, Thurnscoe; found drowned, Hickleton Colliery reservoir.

22 – Ashford Owen Adams (36), miner, Brampton; knocked down by motor lorry

26 – Joseph Slater (8), Mexborough; fatally injured while playing in disused brickyard.

27 – Albert Smith (16), Mexborough; Denaby Main Colliery


2-William Joseph Taylor (16), unemployed miner, Wombwell; suicide by hanging.

7-Frederick Whites (8), Swinton; knocked down by motor bus.

19 – William Leslie Boot (22) Conisborough; collapse while playing football at Bradford.

30-John Henry Bradley (48), shot firer, Conisborough; fall of stone, Conisborough quarry.


3-Edith Audrey Harvey (4), Wombwell; knocked down by motor car

9-Ernest Goss (35), miner of Swinton; fall of roof, Wath Main.

11-John Whitfield (44), Goldthorpe; haulage accident, Barnburgh Main

14-Mrs ME Williams (71), Thurnscoe; fatally burned at home

17-Goodyear Family, Wath; Mrs Beatrice Goodyear (27), Mr Alfred Goodyear (32), Arthur Goodyear (3 ½), Mrs Susanna Goodyear; killed at Wakefield in collision with motor bus

21-George Leonard Slack (7), Thurnscoe; drowned in disused clay pit, Hickleton Main Colliery, while playing.

23- Norman Fern (10), Swinton; knocked down by a motorcycle

25- Alfred Pottle (54) postman, Wath; died following slight accident to thumb

26-Richard Warren (55), dattaler, Swinton; fatally injured at Manvers Main

27-Charles Oxley (22), Miner, Wombwell; motor cycle accident


8- Leslie White (8), Brampton; drowned in a lock, Wombwell Junction (Reginald Fuller, Miner, Brampton, commended on his gallant attempt at rescue)

15- Herbert Owen, (48), miner Wombwell, found drowned in Canal at Brampton

23- Horace Hathaway (12), Swinton; drowned in Canal


10-Ethel Alice Watson (33), wife of Ernest J. M. Watson, West Melton; fatally injured while riding pillion with husband.

22-Harold Vicker Adkins (14). Mexborough, fatally injured at Denaby Colliery.

23- James Ernest Naylor (27), Wath; suicide by throwing himself out of bedroom window.

31-Arnold Royston (9). Goldthorpe; drowned in Dearne at Harlington.


16- Albert Edward Weston (8) Wombwell; fatally injured by roller, Wombwell cricket ground

18-Albert Nightingale (53), miner, West Melton: accident in motor cycle combination.

20-Irving Walter Goldthorpe (17), Wombwell; fall from scaffold while working on pithead erection, Huddersfield.

John Burk (55). Denaby; killed during shunting, Cadeby Colliery yard.

25-Frederick Murden (61), Conisborough; suicide by gas poisoning

27-Leslie Bulcroft (4), Denahy; knocked down by motor car.

Peter Carolen (16 months), Brampton; fall in street.

29-Harry Moore Pollard (20), Swinton; inquest verdict that death was due to injuries received in mine 6 years before.


15-Charles Middleton (59), Brampton; trapped by cage. Cortonwood Colliery.

18-Charles Blayden (47), Little Houghton; fatally injured at Houghton Main.

24-Samuel Manley (54), Blacker Hill; fall into doused quarry. Wombwell Wood.


7-Arthur George Parr (44), Mexborough; suicide by drowning.

10-George Whitehead (61), Mexborough found drowned, open verdict.

10-Michael Higgins (62,) miner, Denaby; fall of roof Cadeby Colliery.

13-Florence Unwin (61), Bolton; fatally burned in bedroom.

16-Francis Aquilla Smith (17), Mexborough; run over by tubs, Denaby Main.

22-Lloyd Earnshaw, (17) Bolton; Barnburgh Colliery accident.

Ernest Martin (34), Denaby; accident. Denaby Main Colliery.

William Ernest Mallinson (15), Barnsley; accident in Houghton Main Colliery.


5-Ada May Milner (41), Denaby; fall downstairs.

12 -.Edgar Knight. Abyssinian herbalist. Wombwell; collapsed on way home from Barnsley after defending in case of assault

18- Horace Saxby (34), Thurnscoe; fall of roof, Hickleton Main

Alan Everitt Whelpdale (32), road repairer, Thurnscoe; caught by tube, Barnburgh Main.

27-Joe Ward (7), Mexboro.; knocked down by motor lorry.


2-John Davidson Cutting, a young Durham miner; fall of roof, Kilnhurst

12-Norman Nicholson (24), Great Houghton; John Pearson (22), Great Houghton; Albert Holden (35), Darfield; James Lackey (30), Low Valley; William Richards (32), Great Houghton; Victims of explosion at Houghton Main Colliery.

16-Joseph Wordsworth (18), Hoyland; fall of roof, Cortonwood

17 – William Scott Vivian (26), Wombwell; fall of roof, Cortonwood

Frank Jones (40), Highgate; fall of roof, Hickleton Main.