The Conisboro’ Order for Urban Powers

June 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 19 June 1920

The Conisboro’ Order for Urban Powers

The West Riding County Council has at length published in due form the order conferring urban powers on parts of the parishes of Denaby, Conisboro’, and Cadeby.

The hesitation of the County Council to take this formal step was doubtless due to a desire to make sure that the Order would be confirmed by the Ministry of Health before undertaking any expense in connection with it. But

The diffidence of the County Council easily explained by the fate of the two previous Orders and by the virulence of the opposition to this one. Wakefield now, however, seems fairly confident that the Order will go through, and Conisboro’s new constitution is posted in all the glory of double-royal.

But the Ministry of Health has made no sign yet, and as the Order is determinedly opposed I do not see how Whitehall can settle the matter on Wakefield’s ‘ipse dixit’ without coming down to look into it for themselves