The Conisborough Burial Ground.

January 1891

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 23 January 1891

The Conisborough Burial Ground.

“At the recent meeting the Conisborough Burial Board the question was considered whether, the formation of a new cemetery, two chapel should be built or one.

‘The members, having expressed their views, was found that the majority were favour of two chapels, the only hesitation, felt by them being on the ground of expense.

It was stated, however, that the extra chapel would only involve an extra halfpenny in the pound.

The board were desirous of taking the feeling of the ratepayers on the subject before coming to a final decision

The following resolution was carried:—”That the ratepayers asked to sanction for defraying the cost of constructing the cemetery and laying out the grounds, at an approximate loan of £2,200, or of £2,700 provided there be two chapels.”