The Conisborough Conservatives and the Late Election

December 1888

Sheffield Independent – Monday 03 December 1888

The Conisborough Conservatives and the Late Election

On Saturday, at Doncaster, application for special licence was made by George Addy, innkeeper, Conisbro’, in connection with a Conservative dinner and dance at that township, on the 6th inst.

Superintendent Blake stated that the board schools were desired tor the purpose.

Lord Auckland (the chairman) asked what the object of the gathering was.

Superintendent Blake : It is commemorate the return of the first member of Parliament.

The Superintendent handed in a letter from Dr. Hills, the chairman of the School Board and president hope the Conservative Association, and from members of the board in favour of the application.

Lord Auckland this said the magistrates thought it unwise and undesirable, for important reasons, to grant a special licence of the proceedings at the board school; but, under the circumstances, they will grant a licence for the convenience of the public attending the meeting.

They could put up their horses and carriages at the inn and refreshments. But they could not sanction the use of drink of an intoxicating character at the schools.