The Denaby Cricket Tour – An Enjoyable Week

June 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 June 1921

The Denaby Cricket Tour

An Enjoyable Week

The Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Club tour held last week proved very successful and enjoyable and was favoured throughout with delightful weather.

Out of the tour matches played three were won and one lost. There were 16 in the parties, and they made the journey in four private cars, commencing Monday morning, and returning on Sunday.

On Monday night, the players stayed at Nuneaton, and proceeded from there to Warwick on the following day. A “mock trial” by court-martial created much amusement. The victim escaped to bed, but his bed mate was tried in his stead. Arthur Robinson was the defending “K.C.” but Harry Shoosmith convinced the jury of the prisoners guilt!

The match at Leamington went badly for Denaby, who had three wickets down for nine runs. A Robinson, tables, Captain J White and Worthington batted well, and compiled a fair total.

The Denaby bowling – Worthington, Widdison and L Robinson – was rather too good for Leamington.

Wednesday was spent at Stratford-upon-Avon in sightseeing. An impromptu concert was held on one of the island. The team commandeered a tearoom and used the counter as a stage.

Thursday saw the commencement of the match with Keble College at Oxford. The undergraduates compiled a large score on a perfect wicket. Shoosmith took five wickets for 45. The excellence of the Denaby field was only surpassed by the skilful batting. They batted on the same day and won easily with three wickets to spare. Captain White scored a beautiful century.

In the match against St John’s College at Oxford on Saturday, A Robinson took five wickets for 30 and Shoosmith three for 25. Denaby won the match with five wickets to spare. A Robinson was top scorer. The tourists were entertained on the Saturday by the Reverend K.E.Kirk.

Denaby Main  305 for 7    Keble College  244

J White 128, A Robinson 46

Denaby Main 165 for 5    St John’s College 109

A Robinson 46