The Denaby Trouble – Dissatisfaction with Winding Arrangements.

June 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 05 June 1920

The Denaby Trouble.

Dissatisfaction with Winding Arrangements.

The men employed at Denaby Main Colliery ceased work on Wednesday as a protest against the temporary winding arrangements which have been necessitated owing to the accident to the main winding engine.

A message was dispatched to Barnsley, and Mr Herbert Smith, with Mr Martin (Chief Inspector of Mines), and Mr Hudspeth (District Inspector) conducted an examination of number one shaft, which was being worked with restricted engine rapacity.

In the afternoon, Mr. Smith addressed a mass meeting of the men, and stated that he was satisfied, as a result of his inspection, that the Company were doing all they could to ensure the safety of the men, and he therefore, recommended a return to work.

He did not do that, he said, in order to save the funds of the Association – although anxious to do that, he considered the safety of the men more important – but he felt that in the light of what he had seen and experienced, he was justified in making that recommendation.

Mr Smith’s report received a mixed and in reply to a question as to whether, in the event of the men deciding not to return to work until the engine was working at its normal capacity, they would receive a financial backing from the Association, he said he would would not go further than to say that Denaby would be dealt with fairly according to the rules. Personally, he would recommend the Council to pay them.

After further discussion, a vote was taken which showed a majority of about 25 in favour of stopping work, but the second ball, taken under more satisfactory counting conditions, should a majority of about 100 in favour of resuming.