The Distress at Mexbro’, Denaby and Conisbro’.

January 1891

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 24 January 1891

The Distress at Mexbro’, Denaby and Conisbro’.

Last night, at the lodgeroom of the Denaby Main miners at Mexbro’, relief was administered to a large number of families who are in needy circumstances, owing to the prolonged severity of the weather.

The relief was to the total value of about £40.

To avoid any imposition the applicants were expected to present a certificate from their employers or a minister to the effect that the cases were of a bona fide character.

The fund was confined to Mexbro’ and Conisbro’.

Each man was given 5s. and in addition to this 6d. was given to every child in a family.

At Conisbro’ last night, an entertainment was given, under the direction of Mr. J. K. Bateson, for the benefit those in distress.