The Dog or the Muzzle ?

April 1891

Sheffield Independent – Monday 06 April 1891

The Dog or the Muzzle ?

At Doncaster, on Saturday, a contention arose before the magistrates as to the muzzling of a certain dog, belonging to Josiah Venables, green grocer, Denaby.

A collier, named John Wright, of Denaby, said the dog, although muzzled, sprang at him and tore his trousers, biting his leg at the same time.

Mr. Hall, for the defence, contended that it was not the defendant’s dog at all that did the mischief, and produced a muzzle which the defendant said the dog wore at the time.

Wright denied that the statement for the defence was correct, and said Venables had promised to pay for the mending of his trousers.

Fined 25s., including costs.