The Foul Mouths

December 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times 23 December 1905

The Foul Mouths

Sarah Green, married, Denaby, was summoned for using obscene language at Denaby, on December 9th. –

PC Ransom stated that defendant was outside her door at 11 o’clock on the Saturday night quarrelling with a neighbour, to whom she made use of the filthy language shown on the summons. Witness had great difficulty in inducing her to go into her own house.

Collaborative evidence having been given by private witnesses, a fine of 10/– and costs was imposed.

Margaret Blount married, new Conisborough, was charged with a similar offence at Conisborough on December 10th .

PC Wailes stated that defendant, at 11 – 30 on Sunday night, was quarrelling in the street, when she made use of the language complained of.

Fined 10/– and costs.