The Great Storm – “Lansbury Lido”

September 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 5 September 1930

The Great Storm – “Lansbury Lido”

We have no paddling pool in Conisboro’ but children often utilise Kearsley Brook for this purpose. On Friday evening, after the great storm, there was a “Lansbury Lido” on Low Road and in Brook Square. There the water had accumulated to a depth of several inches and children of that area soon had their boots and stockings off and waded whilst they had the opportunity.

Motor buses and other vehicles warily ploughed through the flood waters. An immense volume of water came down Kearsley Brook so that it washed over the bridges and rendered them impassable, a very rare occurrence. Considerable flooding was reported throughout the area, and water rushed into many houses much to the discomfort of the inhabitants, some of whom changed into bathing costumes when they tried to get rid of it.

The storm was one of the worst experienced here for some time. It interfered with the current on the trackless system and put out of action the section from Conan Road to Conanby terminus, so that the cars had to turn at the end of Garden Lane.

This recalls my remark of last week that here “it is intended that there shall be a turning point.” They proved that it can be done, even without alteration to the wiring, with a little manoeuvring. The full service was restored during the evening.

There was also some interference with electric lighting in the Council houses and many extra shillings were inserted in the meters by householders who thought that to be the cause, but who found out later that the storm was responsible. In Conanby the situation was more serious. About 400 houses had no electric light throughout the night and candles were hurriedly purchased. Normal conditions prevailed on Saturday. The lamp which illumines the dial of the parish church clock went out of action during the week-end but resumed its functions on Monday. This apparently had no connection with the atoms.