The Home Rule Question at Conisbro’ – An Appeal to the Highway Board

September 1891

Barnsley Chronicle, etc. – Saturday 26 September 1891

The Home Rule Question at Conisbro’

An Appeal to the Highway Board

At a meeting of the Lower Strafforth and Tickill Highway Board, held at Doncaster recently, Mr. Crawshaw (Warmsworth), the chairman, said there was an important question in reference to the parish oi Conisbro’.

The people there wished to retire from that Board and to manage their own highways. The question had been discussed by committee at Doncaster, and it was unanimously decided to recommend the Highway Board not to entertain the application. The gross estimated ratal to the poor at Conisbro’ was £21,598, but for the highways the total sum was £14,549. That was a very important point. If the Board lost a parish like Conisbro’ other places might adopt similar course, and Board would become dismembered. (A Voice: The sooner the better.”)

Mr. Caleb Kilner (Conisbro)’ said the chairman had hardly put the matter in a fair light. The parishioners only asked become separate district under the Board.

The Chairman: That is practically the same thing.

Mr. Kilner said the same thing had been done at Thorne and Askern.

The Chairman replied that that was many years ago.

Mr. Kilner said it was felt at Conisbro’ that the Board did not treat the people with that consideration which they were entitled to expect.

County Councillor Dunston (Thome) expressed sympathy with the wishes of the Conisbro’ people, and said he thought they ought to have the power to spend their own money.

Mr. Kilner: Hear, hear.

County Councillor Nicholson (Stainton) was opposed such request being granted for Conisbro’ just they were, when a similar application came from Balby. It was also very undesirable to make any such changes the present juncture, seeing that district councils would soon formed.

County Councillor Chadwick (Arksey) spoke to like effect, and said if they began kind of thing it would lead to dismemberment.

Mr. Cheetham (Bolton); A very good suggestion. (Laughter.)

Mr. Kilner said he was quite in favour of such a course. He thought it would be to the advantage of many places if the Board were halved and then halved again. (Laughter, and hear, hear.) If the Highway Board did not give Conisbro’ more consideration and appeal would be made to the Local Government Board.

The Board voted against the wishes of Conisbro’ by a large majority, and Mr. Kilner gave notice that he should bring the question forward again at the next meeting.