The New Colliery at Conisborough.

July 1889

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 10 July 1889

The New Colliery at Conisborough.

Satisfactory progress being made with the sinking operations connection with the new colliery at Conisborough. Over a hundred men are employed already, and the company’s workmen have sunk the main shaft depth of about 60 feet.

It is anticipated that when certain depth has been reached, the sinking will be entrusted to private enterprise, for which tenders will asked. So far comparatively little water has been met with.

The concrete beds for the permanent engines are about completed, some thousand tons of material having been used to build them up.

In connection with the work a lot of new cottages are being put up on the Conisborough side of Denaby Main, which, in the course of year or so, will become an important centre of industry; 500 cottages the smallest number mentioned being about to be put up.