The New Denaby Main Hotel – Proposed Rebuilding

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 31, 1895

The New Denaby Main Hotel
Proposed Rebuilding

Mr Hickmott, solicitor, Rotherham attended to elucidate plans of an important nature. The new hotel at Denaby Main, erect some months ago, has, since its opening, been a very decided success, so much so indeed that the Denaby Main Colliery Company have found it imperative to extend the present accommodation to a great extent.

Mr WH Chambers was present as manager of the Colliery Company.

Mr Hickmott, in explaining the proposed alteration, said he begged to make application on behalf of the Denaby and Cadeby Main Colliery Companies with regard to certain plans.

They might recollect that the Doncaster bench had previously confirmed plans for the erection of a Nortel to be erected in the parish of Conisborough, and on the roadway leading to the new colliery. He (Mr Hickmott) and then detailed to the bench the population of the place on the building etc. he might tell them now that no less than 470 houses have been erected within the area.

The premise in question had been erected at a cost of £15,000, and they then believe that the proposed accommodation would be amply sufficient to meet the requirements of the neighbourhood.

Since they had been opened it up proved, beyond a doubt, that they are totally inadequate to cope with the trade of the district. Soulful indeed to the house often become that are been found necessary to close the front doors for a time before the people could enter. They need to keep the business of the hotel under control by efficient accommodation. They therefore proposed to erect behind the present building a place for the sale of beer to be consumed off the premises, together with other structural modification.

Chairman: You Want an Extension of Plan?

Mr Hickmott: Yes

After the magistrates had examined the plan, Mr Hickmott said they were prepared to modify anything in the yard or elsewhere to which superintendent Blake might take exception.
The Chairman: What stable accommodation is there?

Mr W.H.Chambers: Four horses. At the present time the buildings are very insufficient.

It was decided that superintendent Blake be requisition to examine the premises and report thereon.