The New Waywarden

May 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 May 1891

Mr. Caleb Kilner has redeemed his pledge as a waywarden. I remember being at the meeting when his name submitted and hearing him say he would take care that the condition of the Conisborough footpaths should be brought under the notice of the Highway Board.

I was at a meeting in connection with this board at Doncaster on Tuesday last, and I saw Mr. Kilner rise. I knew what it meant. He had to sit down again for a while, bemuse the minutes of the previous meeting had not been read —they ought to have been—but he was soon up again.

He fixed the attention of the waywardens by his calm and dignified demeanour and he promptly met with outspoken sympathy from the Chairman (Mr. Peace, of Thorne), and particularly from County Councillor Nicholson, of Stainton, who asked to he put on the committee, which it decided should look into the matters complained of by Mr. Kilner.

Mr. Nicholson said a place of the importance of Conisborough ought to be better looked after, and in this all the residents of Conisborough will agree, Mr. Kilner acted diplomatically—not like one or two other members I know on the board—and he scored beautifully.

Conisborough will now be sure to get some attention, the notice of the surveyor having been specially drawn to it.

Mr. Kilner has done infinitely more on this his first visit to the board than has been accomplished by his predecessor all the time he sat. Perhaps the reference from time to time in the township about the likelihood of a Local Board has had somewhat to do with the attitude now adopted by the Lower Strafforth and Tickhill Authority.

I hope this kind of interest in Conisborough will last.