The Rock of Justice Surveyor in Quandary – Council & Union Labour

January 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 12 January 1928

The Rock of Justice Surveyor in Quandary.
Conisborough Council and Union Labour.

“Prior to the commencement of the meeting of the Conisborough Urban District Council last night, the Chairman (Mr. W. L. Worsley) moved a vote of condolence on the death of Councillor J. Brocklesby. J.P., referring to him as the man who was the founder of the Urban District Council and the man who got urban powers for Conisborough, The Council stood a minute in silence.

The Council decided to receive a deputation from a local committee of unemployed persons living in the urban area at its next meeting, in February.

The Council is contemplating proceeding with the building of another fifty houses, and the matter was referred to a committee to meet after the Council meeting.

The Clerk reported upon the resolution, passed the November meeting, that in all new contracts let by the Council only Trade Union labour should be employed. He stated that he had been in communication with the secretary of the Urban District Councils  Association, who confirmed his opinion that was not lawful make it a condition, .and that any such condition was void.

The surveyor asked that, to make, his position clear, the minute be made inoperative.

When the question was put to the Vote the Citizen members voted for this course, but the Labour members (the majority) voted for the matter remain as it was.

Unpaid Rents.

Councillor Collins, in moving a resolution regarding the collection of rents Council houses, said the view might be held by some that tenants must pay their rents, but first they must get something to live on, and let things go on for a few weeks. He moved that execution be stayed.

The Chairman said that Councillor Collins was fully aware that not one case was taken to court of persons who had attempted pay. Councillor Arthur Roberts (Chairman of the Housing Committee), said that the whole Council was sympathetic. No offer had been made which was not accepted. They could not run a Council on sentiment. What would be the position if the Council owned all the houses and nobody paid any rents? Where they were satisfied that people were not making any attempt to pay arrears the Council were prepared to make a stand.

There was no seconder to the resolution.