The Serious Flood in the Doncaster District.

June 1891

Yorkshire Evening Press – Monday 08 June 1891

Floods in the Doncaster District.

During the last lew days rain has fallen heavily in the district Doncaster.

This in some instances has caused the lands the neighbourhood to be under water. In the direction Conisbro’ and Mexbro’, there is a good deal of land submerged.

On Saturday a portion the wall what is known the cliff cutting, became saturated as to come down. Fortunately there was no one passing at the time, and the debris was cleared without any interruption to the traffic.

On Saturday fears were entertained of a flood at Doncaster. The waters in the river gradually rose in in the morning, but about new began to lower. Without any further downfall no harm may ensue.

Sheffield Independent – Monday 08 June 1891

The Serious Flood

On Saturday the Don swept past Mexbro’ in a deep and strong current, and at Denaby it was almost level with the highway, the strain on the iron bridge there being very great.

The flood also covered a wide area on either side of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway.

In the Dearne Valley from Bolton to Conisbro’ a large extent of land was submerged, and the highway on the Mexbro’ side of Bolton was under water for a considerable distance.