The Snow

February 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 1

The Snow

The snow storm on Saturday evening was responsible for several scurvy tricks.

Congealing on the north face of the clock of the Parish Church, its pressure proved too much for the hands when they came together at 633 and they remained in that position for over 24 hours.

Castle Hill proved too dangerous for the trackless vehicles at one part of the evening, and at one time there were four cars waiting in upper Conisborough. Later the hill was liberally coated with grit and the service was resumed.

The hill was precarious on Sunday evening, and an official of the company was observed with a bucket of grit and a tiny shovel doing his good deed for the day.

Conisborough’s electric light service failed at 510 but was resumed over the greater portion at 625, though Doncaster Road was without light for a much longer period. There were two momentary blackouts between nine and 10 o’clock and a longer one about 1130.

Picture Hall patrons did not suffer unduly. The first house was only slightly delayed and towards the end of the last reel of the second house the light again disappeared.