The Storage of Explosives at Denaby.

December 1890

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 30 December 1890

The Storage of Explosives at Denaby.

AL the Rotherham Police Court yesterday 31z. J. B. Kesteven, solicitor applied on behalf of the Flameless Explosives Company, Denaby the manufacturers of the well-known “Securite’” Explosive, for the fixing of a date on which the Bench would hear a request for a license in respect of a storage magazine.

The company had received from the Home Secretary the usual permission. There was a magazine for explosives of the company’s manufacture, but the one for which a new license was required would be utilised for the storage of any kind of explosive.

Plans and other particulars having been handed in, the Bench decided upon the 9th of February for the hearing of the application.