The Traction Engine Nuisance Again

May 1886

Mexborough Swinton Times May 14, 1886

The Traction Engine Nuisance Again

Andrew Burniston, of Conisborough, owner of a traction engine, was charged with driving an engine which did not consume its own smoke, on April 24th.

Police Sgt Blanchard said that about our past one in the afternoon of the day in question he was duty in Station Street, Swinton, and he saw the defendant driving a traction engine attached to some wagons, which was emitting large volumes of black smoke.

Mr Hickmott defended, and said the defendant was the owner of three traction engines, and the magistrates will remember that sometime ago the defendant was charged with the same offence. Upon that occasion he (Mr Hickmott) told the Bench she was prepared with the evidence of them makers of the traction engine that so far as the construction of the engine went, it was on the most approved principles for the purpose of consuming its own smoke. At that time the defendant was using hard steam coal as fuel for his engine, but at the suggestion of the magistrates he had since use coke, and he was using coke on the day in question. On the day in question he ran out of fuel, and purchased a quantity of coal at the Mexborough and Swinton Gas Works. When stopped by police Sgt Blanchard they were going up a hill with a gradient of 1 in 15, and were compelled to fire up and make smoke.

The policeman was in plain clothes and was not known to the defendant, on the defendant would have followed the ordinary custom to inspect the fuel.

Defendant was fined £2 10s and costs.