The Vicar on Gambling.

September 1921

Mexborough and Swinton Times Saturday 03 September, 1921

The Vicar on Gambling.

The Vicar (the Rev. Hy. Lee) makes reference to the approach of the Doncaster race meeting in the September issue of the Parish magazine:

“I have never been to Doncaster during Race Week, and I suppose I shall not go this year.” he writes. ‘Betting on horses or gambling on almost any old thing never has had any attraction for me. From these remarks I do not wish you to infer that I consider myself any better than my neighbour. I simply state these things so that you way know that I am quite ignorant about the whole matter so far as the practical side is concerned.

Many people who do not usually bet think there is no harm in having a ‘flutter’ once a year at Doncaster; and perhaps they are right, in so far as they are concerned as individual. But if those same people know how much harm and misery results to many others from the gambling habit and if they are amongst those who wish to see a higher standard of life attained id the place where they live, and believe that their own example counts for something, they will do well to think it over before they put any money on their fancy”