The Wounded Pony

May 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 5

The Wounded Pony

Enoch Mayberry and Thomas Peasgood, young men, had been cruel to a pony at the Denaby Main colliery on April 17, and they were now charged with this and likewise with damaging the animal to the extent of £5.

The case was heard at the last court, when, as we reported, there was summoned by Mr John Warburton, the manager of the Denaby Main company, and it was related that while a boy was taking out the pony at 10 o’clock at night they struck the animal with a pick and inflicted seven wounds upon the shoulder.

The case was then adjourned that they might call as witness’s men who hadn’t come because they were afraid of losing work.

They now called Samuel Bradbury and Halford Davis and others to sure that they had nought to do with the pony. They also very closely examined the lad, Thomas Neil, who related the circumstances, and seemed indignant that they should be thus charged with injury to a horse which they averred they did not touch.

The hearing was long, and the magistrates retired to consider their decision.

Then Peasgood had to pay 20 shillings fine and the costs and the £5 damage; two months imprisonment in default. Mayberry was dismissed.