Theft by Small Boys at Denaby

January 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 13, 1906

Theft by Small Boys at Denaby

Arthur Ager (7), and William Brittain (9), were charged with feloniously breaking into a coalhouse and stealing coal to the value of 4d, the property of Jemina Tut, of 59 Doncaster Road, Denaby.

Complainant gave evidence, and stated that the coal had been put back.

Edith Tarling, domestic servant of Denaby, also gave evidence.

The prisoners were further charged with stealing a lock, value 3d, from a 47 Barmbrough Street, Denaby, the residence of Mary Clarke.

PC Ransom test right to having apprehended them, and said he had found the missing lot in Agers house.

The magistrate, in summing up the case, said that considering the extreme age of the prisoners, he could not fine them. He was going to let them go, but severely cautioned them of the results as they appear there again.

Before dismissing the case, he remarked that in these things he thought the parents were more to blame than anyone.