Theft from old Denaby garage – 1 a.m. “Visitors” Responsible

April 1957

South Yorkshire Times April 20, 1957

Theft from old Denaby garage
1 a.m. “Visitors” Responsible

although there is a quite boisterous dog in the front porch of “Home Croft,” Old Denaby, it was unable to give the alarm when a licence holder, spare tools and a spare wheel were stolen from the car which is kept in a garage in the adjoining field.

Denaby Police are at present investigating this theft from a car of Mr Andrew Davidson.

Mr Davidson is in lodgings and Mr A Downs, the house occupier. Mr Downs discovered the robbery at about 5 AM just after he had got up. The door of the asbestos home built garage appears to have been opened with a key – there were no signs that any force had been used.

The dog generally gives the alarm at the approach of anyone strange, but the garage is about 30 yards away from the house…

Mrs Downs told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter on Saturday that neighbours had seen a car pull away from near the garage at about 1 AM

“it might have been someone who needed a spare wheel for their own car. It was possibly a similar model,” said Mrs Downs.