Theft of a Rug at Denaby Main

January 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 7, 1887

Theft of a Rug at Denaby Main

Catherine May, married woman, of Denaby Main, was charged with stealing a rug, the property of Edward Baker, Butcher, living at 116 Doncaster Road, Denaby Main on 30 December.

The prosecutor said on the night of 30th December, about 7 o’clock his horse was standing at his back door, and there was a rug on it. He afterwards found that someone had taken it away. It was worth seven shillings.

The defendant: I wish to ask you if he saw me take it.

Mr Baker said he did not.

John Slater, landlord of the Reresby Arms Denaby Main said on the night of the 30th ult, the defender came to his house, with a rug under her shawl.

She asked witness to let her have a gallon of beer upon the rug, but he refused. The rug produced was the rug which she had with her.

Police Constable Kendal said he apprehended the defendant at her own house on the same night as the theft was committed. He found the rug produced under the slop stone in the house. He charged her with the theft; she replied that she did not steal it, but that some boys had thrown it in at her front door. She said the boys were called Prendergast, and they lived about 300 yards away from defendant.

The defendant: Was the rug concealed anywhere?

Witness: Yes, under the slop stone.

Defendant: No, it was laid on the box, it was thrown there.

By the Chairman: There were persons named Prendergast in the village.

The Chairman said the Bench had decided that the defendant had taken the rug, and there was not the slightest doubt about defendant’s guilt stop it will give the defendant the choice of paying a fine, and inflict a penalty of 40 shillings, including costs or 21 days.

The defendant did not pay.