Theft of Denaby Main Coal

October 1891

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 05 October 1891

Theft of Denaby Main Coal

To-day at the Doncaster Borough Court Tom Wilburn and Thomas Bradley, labourers, of Falcon yard, were charged with stealing coal, the property of the Denaby Main Colliery Company.

lt appears that for some time a considerable quantity coal has been missed in transit from Denaby Hull, sometimes as much as two and three tons, and efforts have been to find out where has gone. In. the present case the defendants were seen to fill two barrows full of coal and wheel them in the direction of their homes.

Information was given to the police, who went to their houses and found a large quantity of coal in large lumps. When asked to explain they said that the coal was given to them by the captain (Hutchinson) for pumping the vessel out.

They were apprehended, and the case was remanded for a week ponding inquiries, both men being admitted to bail.