Theft of Pigeons at Denaby

November 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 2, 1907

Theft of Pigeons at Denaby

At Doncaster on Monday, Ernest Marriott, Conisborough and Thomas Fisher, Denaby pony driver, were charged with breaking and entering a pigeon cote,and stealing five pigeons, the property of William Lowe.

William Lowe, pony driver, New Conisborough, said that on Monday, 21 October at 1 PM he had seen his pigeons in a cote. They were all right that day. From what was said to him on Wednesday he visited the pigeon cote and three pigeons were missing. The value was about 2/3.

Percy Hardman (15), new Conisborough, said at about 9.30 o’clock on Tuesday night he was going on an errand, when Fisher stopped him, and wanted to sell him a pigeon, which he said he had got from his own pen. Witness gave him a penny for a black one.

William Rose gave similar evidence.

PC Cousans said he made enquiries from information received from the prosecutor, and apprehended the prisoners. In answer to the charge, Fisher said “Me and Marriott went for them; Marriott pulled the staple out and I took three and he took two. He gave one to a kid in the street, who let it fly away.” Marriott made a similar reply.

Prisoners elected to be dealt with summarily.

The magistrates reserved their decision until another charge was dealt with against the prisoners.

They were charged with stealing pigeon belonging to William Rose. Prosecutors said he kept seven pigeons in a cote at Conisborough, and about 11:30 AM on 24 October he went to the cote and locked the door. On returning about 130 found the cote had been broken into, and two pigeons were missing. They were valued at 1/6.

Albert Webster, pony driver, 49 Edlington St new Conisborough deposed that he saw the prisoner Fisher and another lad go to the pigeon cote. When they returned witness saw the lad Fisher with something in his waistcoat and when witness went towards them they ran away. The other prisoner was not the lad who was with Fisher.

When PC Cousans charged him, Fisher said “I got them, and we sold them to a man for 9d on the way to Sheffield and we shared the money.” Marriott made no reply.

Mariott’s case was not proceeded with.

Fisher was committed to prison for 14 days and Marriott was remanded until Wednesday with a view to being sent to a reformatory.

On Wednesday the prisoner was again placed in the dock, Mr Rockett said he had received a letter from the manager of the Mirfield reformatorywho said they would take the prisoner in.

The magistrates decided to give the boy another chance and he was fined 2/-.