Their Ain Place

February 1970

South Yorkshire Times February 21, 1970

Their Ain Place

A Conisbrough councillor is offering to visit schools in Conisbrough and Denaby to give a talk to the children on the development of the area.

County Coun. Jim Prendergast, chairman of the Housing Committee and a councillor for over 20 years, has already spoken at one school on the invitation of the Headmaster, and he was agreeably surprised by the interest the children showed.

County Coun. Prendergast told the “South Yorkshire Times”, “I went along to Denaby Balby Street School and spoke to the 10 and 11 year olds, and they showed a very keen sense of awareness of what was going on around them.

“These children were just as interested as most adults I have known.”

County Coun. Prendergast spoke on the history of Denaby, illustrating his talk with old maps and plans, and explained what the Council’s plans were for the future of Denaby.

Under Fire !

‘Then I was bombarded with questions for about half an hour,” he added. “They were keenly interested in the origins of street names, and one lad stumped me with a question about the future of Conisbrough Station.” County Coun. Prendergast was pleased by the reaction to his talk that he has offered to come to any school in the area and speak to the children.