‘ Their Battles O’er Again’ – Ex-Service Men Reminisce – Dinner at Conisboro

November 1938

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 18, 1938

‘ Their Battles O’er Again’
Ex-Service Men Reminisce
Dinner at Conisboro

At the Lord Conyers’ Hotel, Conisborough, on Monday, over one hundred ex-Servicemen recaptured the atmosphere of the War-time canteen. “Yarns were swapped, bowls were ‘filled; blue haze, from tobacco floated lightly, while “Songs we remember” completed the tale. The convivial followed a dinner, the first of what it is hoped will be an annual event

After the toast of “The King,” given  by Mr. B.H. Pickering, J.P. (General Manager. of the Denaby Cadeby and Maltby Main Collieries); and President of the Conisborough Legion -branch, “bombers” ‘started an ‘attack, but in lieu of shrapnel only cigarettes flew when the missiles, burst.

Mr. Pickering stated that in War days friends were friends, and they could not forget them. He numbered many ex-Servicemen among his friends, and no one had more appeal to him.

Mr. C. J. Pickett, M.C.(under manager of “Denaby Main Colliery), – proposed “Fallen comrades,” and said that those who had experienced the comradeship of the trenches would always remember them and honour  them for ever. He told of going out to’ Gallipoli’ with, Rupert Brooke; the poet who -died there, and quoted his immortal lines:

“If I should die; think only this of me;
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England.”

Mr: Pickett strenuously defended Remembrance Day parades against the attacks of those who scoffed and spoke for their abolition.

Mr. A. Spruce, Chairman of the Conisborough Legion Branch proposed the toast of “The Visitors.”

Mr. G. E. Shaw, who proposed’ “The British Legion” stated that in every way the Legion was the backbone of all national ex-Service men’s associations It fought for the distribution of financial support for disabled Main and helped in many ways those who had given their limbs and their health in the fight for their country.

The Branch Padre, the Rev H.Trevor Eddershaw, Vicar of Conisborough, was amazed at the great work done since the inception of the branch in February. A fine organisation and a fine spirit were, revealed in the success.

Mr. J. Pickering, secretary of the branch, proposed “The Poppy Day; Fund.”

The toastmaster was, Mr. George Oldfleld:

The Guests.       

Among the guests was Mr. W. P. Marsdin, president, of, the Mexborough ex-Service Men’s Association

Harmony was-provided by the Denaby Miners Welfare Institute Orchestra, which played popular war-time ,songs at intervals, and the old soldiers, made the most of the opportunities provided for reminiscences.