They Know Where They Live – But Can’t Spell It!

April 1937

Dundee Evening Telegraph, April 16, 1937

They Know Where They Live – But Can’t Spell It!

The 18,000 inhabitants of the town halfway between Doncaster and Rotherham know its name, but do not know how to spell it.

The Post Office spells it Conisborough, the ancient ordinance sheets have it as Conisbrough, the railway company as Conisboro, and the local dialect as Cunsber.

The local Urban Council, who call themselves Conisborough, are to look into the matter and decide on the correct name next month.

Hottest favourites in the name stakes are Conisborough and Conisbrough.

The former vicar, Rev WJT Pascoe, adds to the puzzle by mentioning that the original spelling was Conyngeburgh.

The town was mentioned in the Doomsday book, and has a celebrated castle of Saxon and Norman origin.