They were drunk

September 1898

Mexborough said the Time September 23, 1898

They were drunk

John Smith, miner, New Conisborough, was charged with drunkenness at that place on 4 September.

PC Duffin found the defendant in Low Road, Conisborough, laid on the footpath asleep. He lifted him up, but he was not drunk he could hardly stand.

Defendant did not appear was fined five shillings and 5/6 costs.

Charles Robinson was summoned for a similar offence at the same place on the eighth inst.

Defendant, who admitted the offence, was ordered to pay 2/6 and costs.

William Wilde, miner, new Conisborough was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Conisborough on the 11th inst.

Defendant pleaded guilty and said he was sorry it had occurred.

Fined five shillings and nine shillings costs.

John Thomas Haigh, Carter, Conisborough was charged with a like offence at Conisborough on 2 September.

At 8:15 on the date mentioned defendant was seen in Doncaster Road, by PC Duffin, to be in a very drunken condition. He was also creating an uproar.

Fined 10 shillings and 11 shillings costs.