They Will Be Starting the New Year in a New World

December 1967

South Yorkshire Times, December 23, 1967

They Will Be Starting the New Year in a New World

Mr. and Mrs. George Granger and their a  young children, who are at present living at 35, Ellershaw Lane, Conisbrough will be beginning the New Year in a new world. On December 30th they are to leave by air for Perth, Western Australia.

They recently sold their Mexborough home in preparation for their emigration and they plan to leave for London on Thursday.

For a time in Perth they will stay at the home of friends who emigrated from Doncaster, but hope soon afterwards to have their own house. Mr. Granger, who was trained as a joiner by the N.C.B., will work as a joiner in Australia.

“Bon Voyage” cake

Both Mr. and Mrs. Granger formerly attended Morley Place and Conisbrough Northcliffe Schools. A farewell party was arranged for them at the home of Mrs. W. Allen, of Park Road, Mex-borough, and was attended by members of the family. They were presented with a “Bon Voyage” cake made by sister-in-law, Mrs. Mary Granger.

“It has taken us five years to make our minds up about going,” said Mrs. Granger, “but George seriously decided to go after his mother had spent a ten months’ holiday there three years ago visiting her relations.” Her husband has six uncles and two aunts living in New South Wales and. Queensland.