Think again Denaby – Midland League Application

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times, January 8 , 1966

Think again Denaby

The Sports Editor has received the following letter from Nil desperandum (Conisbrough):

“Dear Sir,

With regard to Denaby United seeking a return to the Midland league as reported in your last issue, in my opinion, and also that of many more supporters, they should think again, and concentrate on making their fortune in the Yorkshire league, which, besides having more local interests, is quite on the same level as the Midland league for standard of play.

“The Midland league will never be what it was when it had such teams as Sheffield Wednesday Reserves, Sheffield United Reserves, and Notts. County and Nottingham Forest Reserves et cetera.

“To be thrown out of a League they had helped to reform by the very clubs they had voted in was a very mean and dirty trick, and what Denaby are contemplating would be equally so on the Yorkshire week, the officials of which, I understand, new of Denaby’s fate a week or two before the A. G. M. of the Midland league and had been good enough to keep a place for them.

“The two reserve teams which were readmitted into the Midland league are by no means covering themselves in glory; a winning Denaby United team in the Yorkshire cup league is preferable to a struggling one in their Midland league. “In conclusion, it is high time that the Midland League changed its name to the now more appropriate one of the Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Alliance.”