Third Time in Five Weeks – Coal Output

November 1951

South Yorkshire Times, November 3rd, 1951

Third Time in Five Weeks

Wentworth drift mine last week established a new record output for the third time in five weeks. At the end of September, the pit’s record output stood at 1,023 tons. During October the record was raised to 1,033 tons, then to 1,055 tons and finally reached an all-time record of 1,110 tons last week.

The 62 men at the pit have topped the pits target in five successive weeks.

Output from the 13 pits in No. 3 area of the North-Eastern Divisional Coal Board last week was up by 14,024 tons on the previous week.  Normal working at Manvers Main Colliery and Cadeby contributed to improved area output of 135,371 tons.

Two pits beat their targets, Aldwarke and Wentworth.