Thirst-Provoking Sabbath At Denaby.

September 1906

Mexborough & Swinton Times, September 1, 1906

A Thirst-Provoking Sabbath At Denaby.

Wm. Gouman, collier, and John Foster, filler, both of Denaby, were summoned on a charge of having been on licensed premises during prohibited hours at Conisboro’, on Sunday, August 19th.

P.c. Glithro stated that at 11-40 a.m. he saw defendants in the tap-room of the Red Lion Hotel, Conisboro’.

Witness asked the men where they lived, and they had replied Mexboro’. He, however, knew that defendant lived at Denaby.

Edward Kitchen, miner said he was doorkeeper at the Red Lion Hotel on the Sunday in question, and he had interrogated defendants as to where they came from, the reply being ‘Hickleton.’

A fine of 10/- and costs was imposed.