Soldier – Thompson, Benjamin – A Denaby Coldstream (picture)

February 1915

Mexborough Times, February 6th

A Denaby Coldstream
Says Kitchener´s army will cause a smash

Private Benjamin Thompson of Doncaster road, Denaby, now on active service with the Coldstream Guards, of which regiment he was a reservist,writes to Mr and Mrs G Thacker of 186, Doncaster road. Mexborough, a letter, in which he thanked them for a parcel they sent him, and adds:

“I suppose you will know by the papers that we are having a lively time of it out here. But never mind. I suppose some will get through it,if not all.

I was very sorry to hear your mother being ill, but according to whatyou said in the last letter she was getting a bit better. I suppose there is not much work at home, but of course, we cannot expect it, if all the men are enlisting.

I have had two letters from Mr W.H.Chambers (managing director of the Denaby and Cadeby collieries) congratulating us onthe good work we have done . I think it is very good of the colliery company to find houses for the refugees from Belgium, and I think everyone will appreciate them for it…

I can see that Kitchener’s Army is rapidly increasing, and of course, that is what is wanted. The old proverb, “unity is strength,” applies here, and when we get properly fixed up there will be a great smash somewhere. Well, I don’t think we have done badly at all, see that we have been out here is August 12th, and ifanybody thinks they could do better, he is welcome to come and have a try.”

In a letter acknowledging a further parcel, Private Thompson says: “I cannot go to the trouble of writing about my experiences, but I will tell you all about it when I come home. You asked me what sort of weather we are having out here. Well all that I can tell you is that it is terribly cold and wet, but it is no more than can be expected for the time of year.”