Threat To Murder a Wife At Denaby

July 1896

Mexborough & Swinton Times July 31st 1896

Threat To Murder a Wife At Denaby

Thomas Stokes, miner, Denaby, pleaded guilty to a charge of having been drunk and disorderly at Denaby on Saturday night. He was also charged by his wife with threatening to murder her, on the same day.

In laying the information she stated that she was afraid he would do her grievous bodily harm. In reply to this charge prisoner said ‘I was drunk; I don’t remember what I said or did. If you let me off this time I will sign the pledge and never touch a drop of drink any more; I will, upon my word.’

P.C. Midgeley (578) said the prisoner was so violent that they were compelled to take him into custody. He had a clasp knife in his hand, with the blade open, and he was threatening to murder his wife. The wife was in a neighbour’s house. He was trying to find her, and said he would kill her.

P.C. Carter corroborated, and added that the prisoner said he would kill wife before morning. This was not the first time the prisoner had acted in that manner.

Mary Stokes, the wife, said she heard her husband threaten to murder her, and she ran out of the way. He was a good husband when he was sober, and though they had not much furniture they were very comfortable when he kept off drink. He earned about 23s. a week at the pit, and when the rent of the house has been taken from that he gave her 18s. She thought he would behave himself now that he has been arrested. She was only afraid of him when he was in drink.

Prisoner, in reply to the Bench, again promised to sign the pledge.

Fined 3s. and costs for having been drunk, and bound over to keep the peace in the sum of five pounds for three months.