Threatening Letters – Judges Comment in Conisbrough Case

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 16, 1957

Threatening Letters
Judges Comment in Conisbrough Case

A woman living with a man at Conisbrough received four letters from her husband threatening to murder both her and the man it was stated that West Riding Quarter Sessions at Wakefield this week.

The husband, Philip Ferguson (four), did this because he loved his wife and threats were attempts to persuade her to return to him and look after their four children, Mr W Greenwood stated.

He was defending Ferguson, of high Street, Linlithgow, Scotland, will pleading “guilty” to 4 charges of sending a letter to his wife at Conisbrough threatening to murder her and Percy Holmes, the man with whom she was living. He pleading “guilty” also to sending a letter threatening to kill his wife and Holmes to the landlord and to sending an obscene letter.

When Ferguson’s wife first left him this and their four children aged 9 to 18, he tried to commit suicide, said Mr Greenwood. When she left him again four years later in 1955 he made desperate attempts to get her back. Then in 1956 he sent these threatening letters.

Ferguson was now planning to emigrate to Australia, he added.

Binding Ferguson over for two years Johnson D McKee said: “Your wife’s behaviour is completely disgraceful. There is a great deal to be said in your favour. We are giving you a chance.”