Threats at Conisborough

April 1891

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 17 April 1891

Threats at Conisbrough

George Bailey, glassworker, Conisborough, was charged with using threats to Martha Shaw, of Conisborough, on the 31st March .

Mr. Hall appeared for the complainant.

The complainant said on the day named the defendant was in his garden when he complained about the police going to the home late at night and staying until early in the morning.

The defendant’s wife said, ” The cap fits and you have tied the strings.”

She (the complainant) had been threatened by the defendant and she was afraid he would do her an injury when in one of his tempers.

Eliza Ann Crabtree corroborated, and Henry Roberts also gave corroborative evidence.

The defendant said he had a garden close by and it was trampled about and flowers were pulled up. That was what he was complaining abort.

Mrs. Gabbitas said she heard what passed between the parties, and she denied that the defendant used any threatening language.

The defendant’s wife also spoke to like effect. She acknowledged that she used “bad words” herself, because the complainant did to her. She came out and started swearing and sent for the landlord.

The Chairman said the magistrates believed that threats were used. The defendant must keep his tongue quieter or he would have to be bound over or be sent to prison.

Ordered to pay 22s. costs.