Threats towards Deputy at Denaby

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 30.

Threats at Denaby

William Olvey and Robert Robson, miners and Jake Robson, trammer, all of Denaby, were accused of having used threats to William Moorhouse, deputy, at the township mentioned, on the 17th inst.

Mr W.M. Gichard, Rotherham, conducted the prosecution.

He said the complainant was a deputy, employed at the Cadeby Main Colliery. The defendants, who were also employed at the same colliery, seem to think they had some grievance against him. They were under the impression that Moorhouse had complained to the management with regard to their having improperly carried out their work.

All three defendants proceeded to the house of complainant, and enquired of his wife, where he was. When they caught sight of him they used the most disgusting language, and threatened to maim him for life. The colliery company were anxious that such a condition of affairs should not be passed over without suitable notice being taken of the circumstances by the magistrates. There would be a perfect dislocation of all authority if men employed at the colliery were allowed to intimidate an official for merely having done his duty to his employers.

Complainant, his wife, Elizabeth Muscroft, and another witness, gave evidence.

In the witness box, the defendant Olvey denied the offence he declared that he never made use of any threats whatever.

Esther Martin, Frank Richardson, and William Dickinson also gave evidence in favour of Olvey. Their statements were to the effect that the threats were made use of by the Robsons.

The Bench ordered each of the defendants to be bound over to keep the peace to the sum of five pounds for a period of three months, and pay the costs.