Tip Dangers – Conisbrough Warning to Children

June 1949

South Yorkshire Times, June 11, 1949

Tip Dangers

Conisbrough Warning to Children

Children were warned by Councillor L Houghton (Public Health Committee chairman) at Wednesday’s meeting of Conisbrough Urban Council not to play in the vicinity of Conisbrough Crags tip, where spontaneous combustion has occurred.

“We do not want any accidents,” he said

It was reported that steps are being taken to control the situation, and Councillor J.T.E. Collins also asked if a warning notice suggesting that children should keep away from the tip could be erected.

The Chairman Councillor R.A. Shepard J.P., said that the Surveyor (Mr A.W.or.Taylor) would go into the matter. The tip was fenced all the way around.

The surveyor promised to provide a notice.

The Council confirmed Public Health Committee recommendation that the Sanitary inspector (Mr R.E.Ingleby) be authorised to arrange for the trip to be covered with soil and the portion treated with a mixture. It was also agreed that in future greengrocers should be forbidden to tip refuse on the site.

Councillor Houghton also reported that much damage had been done to the tip surroundings at the Council’s further tip Hopkinson’s Tip, during the past two months.

There was a brook running by the trip and rubbish have been thrown into the broker and had choked it up. The committee decided that offenders who were caught would be prosecuted.

The Finance Committee chairman, Councillor H Gomersall, reported that the Sanitary Inspector was to be authorised to engage additional workmen and transport to cope with the fire on the Crags tip. They had had one fire before, he said, and they knew what a costly job it could be. The work will go on during the month with the object of getting the fire out or “smothering.”

The Chairman drew attention to complaints by nightshift workers at the pit whose sleep in the daytime was interrupted by the whistleblowing of ice cream vendor’s and it was agreed that the police should be advised.

Councillor G Oldfield: it is getting a nuisance.

The chairman and Surveyor informed council colleagues that street lighting was to be arranged forthwith on the basis applying during the summer long before the war.

Mr Taylor said there were some lights at Denaby and Conisbrough was going to get lights as soon as possible. There would be about 36 to 40 at Conisbrough there were about 30 in Denaby.