To France Again – Another Conisbrough Excursion

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 29, 1950

To France Again

Another Conisbrough Excursion

For the third year in succession, boys and staff from Conisbrough Modern School have gone to France for a week’s holiday. They left Doncaster station by train on Tuesday, on the first leg of their overnight journey to Paris.

Twenty boys and two members of the staff, Mr. G. W. Humphries and Mr. Arthur Wilson, with Mr. Philip Humphries, of Queen Street School, Swinton, set out from Doncaster at nearly midnight. The crossing was made to Dieppe and by Wednesday evening the party had arrived at their Paris home, the Maison des Eloise de l’Ecole Centrale. They will return next Wednesday, reaching Conisbrough early on Thursday morning.

In 1948 the school sent a party to Fecamp, in Normandy. Last year the capital was chosen. Since there is a national organisation for English school-children to stay in French schools during the summer holidays, it is probably that there will be others with the Conisbrough travellers.

There will be very “museum haunting” says Mr Wilson, the official guide. The boys will see and do things in a more practical way. They will see      as much of Paris as they can, and on one of the days will go to Versailles by coach.

No strict supervision is being kept on their activities.