To Prison with Hard Labour For Desertion

January 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 17 January 1911

To Prison with Hard Labour For Desertion

Briscoe Lindley, a Denaby miner, who was arrested at Masbro’ Sunday, was charged at Doncaster West Riding Court yesterday, with deserting his wife and children.

Defendant was committed to prison for a month in December, 1909. and after completing his sentence he applied at the Workhouse for the discharge his wife and family, which was granted, but when they had got as far as Balby terminus December he again left them, telling his wife that he was going to look he again left them work, and that he would let her hear from him.

She did not hear from him, and the wife and children returned the Workhouse in May, the cost the ratepayers being £70.

Defendant told the Bench that had only just started work, and complained that they would not give him a chance.

He was committed prison for two months with hard labour.