Tom Hill Teenagers made a good impression

July 1965

South Yorkshire Times 31sth July 1965

Tom Hill Teenagers made a good impression

Teenagers from Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre made an excellent impression on officials of the Scottish National Trust during a week’s stay at a Scottish Adventure Camp.

A letter from the Principal Field Officer of the scheme, Mr. C. K. Mylne, congratulated the Tom Hill members on their efforts during the visit to Balmacara camp, on the west coast of Scotland, and writes, “The jobs completed by some of your members were clearly appreciated.

Mr. Newlands (the Representative) was greatly impressed by the way your people got down to the work.”

The Denaby party of about 12 teenagers, with Tom Hill Youth Leader, Mr. Sid Stones, and Assistant Leader, Mr. J. N. Blackburn, had their first taste of haggis during their week stay. They also did some trout fishing, took part in Highland dancing, and went fell walking in the Isle of Skye.

Three days of the “holiday” actually involved “earning their keep” with restoration work in and around camp. Two days were spent restoring terracing at a natural Stone Hollow, once used for worship by the Free Church of Scotland. On the third day most of the party were moving rock and seaweed from the beach at Balmacara, which the Scottish National Trust hope to develop as a tourist attraction.

Perhaps there only difficulty was language! On the journey up by minibus, the party stopped for refreshment. “How much is that I owe you?” Asked one Tom Hill member. The reply came back, “Och! You’re just this side o’ Stirling.”