Tommy Joyce Gained Revenge

June 1968

South Yorkshire Times June 22, 1968

Tommy Joyce Gained Revenge

On South Shields F.C. ground on Saturday, Tommy Joyce, of Conisbrough, boxing for the North Eastern Division of the A.B.A. against the Midland District of the Scottish A.B.A., beat Ken Beedie, the Scottish National Champion on a unanimous points decision.

Tommy who on this occasion was in the unaccustomed position of boxing against Scotland instead of for them, was to avenge his defeat by Beedie in the final of the Scottish championships this year when fatigue rather then lack of skill lost him the championship honours.

In spite of cold and blustery conditions, both lads gave the spectators an entertaining bout. After an equal first round in which both were a little cautious. Tommy began to force the pace to his own speed.

The last round was Tommy’s best and his constant attack to the head sent Beedie’s gum shield spinning. The Scot’s boy’s mouth was cut. The bout ended with Joyce well on top and the Scots boy, his mouth streaming blood, must have been relieved to hear the bell, as indeed was Tommy, for it had been a hard gruelling battle under adverse conditions and in addition the Conisbrough boxer conceded nearly half a stone in weight.

This was Joyce’s last fight this season and he has justified his position as one of the leading welter’s in the country.

He is now looking forward to next season when he hopes to bring to the forecourt some of the younger lads in whom he is very interested at the Tom Hill Youth Club and who are responding enthusiastically, explains Mr. E. Oxer.