Too Idle To Work – Denaby Wife’s Sad Story.

January 1910

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 31 January 1910

Too Idle To Work

Denaby Wife’s Sad Story.

This man suffers from a chronic dislike to work,” said Mr. Allen to the West Riding magistrates at Doncaster on Saturday, referring Thomas Bentham, collier, Denaby, who was summoned for neglecting to maintain his wife.

An application was made for a separation, and Mr Allen said the man would only work two or three shifts a week, and earned very little money. Sometimes he had been good enough to give his wife 4s. but that would not provide food for them, and she had left him.

The woman stated that on Christmas Eve her husband brought home half-a-pound meat for Christmas and ate it himself.

The Chairman: Why doesn’t he work oftener? Witness: Because he doesn’t like work, and never did.

The Chairman: He could get work if he wanted? —Yes, has a good job to go to.

An order was made on the defendant to pay his wife 8s. a week, but the Bench declined to grant a separation.


Leeds Mercury – Monday 31 January 1910

Denaby Collier’s Selfishness

Thomas Bentham, a Denaby collier, was introduced the Doncaster magistrates on Saturday as a man with a chronic dislike of work.

He had plenty to do, but only made two or three shifts a week, and generally spent his money on himself.

On Christmas Eve he took home half a pound of meat for the family’s Christmas dinner, but ate it all himself.

The magistrates ordered him to pay his wife 8s. a week