Too Much Dirt in the Coal.

November 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 18 November 1921

Too Much Dirt in the Coal.

A claim for wrongful dismissal  of a collier, named James Leatherland, of Conisborough against the Yorkshire Main Colliery Co., heard at Doncaster, yesterday, before Dr; Lindley, raised a point of importance to miners. Plaintiff claimed £5 10s., a week’s wages, damages in lieu of notice.

The manager complained that the defendant’s tub contained too much dirt, and the man replied that it was a dirty place. Mr. Walker went to the stall and again complained of the dirt.

In defence, it was urged that the company had, had reason to complain of the dirt being sent out of this stall, and the plaintiff had been ending dirty coal out in defiance of that, complaint.

His Honour said a man was entitled to 20lb. to a tub deduction for dirt, and if he exercised all reasonable care the management could not complain, but he held that, plaintiff had not made out his case and gave a verdict for the defendants without costs.