Top Brass Driver (picture)

May 1970

South Yorkshire Times, May 23rd, 1970

Top Brass Driver

Looks after his brass…and Yorkshiremen are good at it, so they say.  But 29-years-old Cpl. Wilf Middleton’s brass is brass with a difference – top Army V.I.P.’s.  At the moment he’s in West Berlin as co-driver to the British Commandant Major General James Bowes-Lyon, but in the past he’s chauffeured generals around in London and also served in the former British Cameroons, Cyprus and Aden.

Son of Mrs. O. Middleton, of 59, Ivanhoe Road, Conisbrough, he is due to move to Nienburg in Western Germany later this year, along with his wife, Olwen, daughter Jacqueline and son Michael.

Cpl. Middleton is seen here talking to his Brigade Commander, Brigadier Ronnie McAlister, from whom he later received a R.O.S.P.A. certificate for safe driving.