Trackless Accident.

December 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 December 1930

Trackless Accident.

A schoolboy. Jim Hawler, of Church Street, had a narrow escape from being run over and probable serious injury on Monday evening. He, along with another boy named Jones, was coming home from school at Mexboro ‘ on a “Low” trackless vehicle, when a “High” came along behind.

Near the Picture House at Denaby they decided to transfer, and in so doing Jim Hawler slipped. A wheel ran over a portion of his boot and partly crushed a foot, though owing to swelling it was not possible at the time of writing to state exactly what the injury is.

The marks of the wheel showed quite plainly along the trousers, indicating what a narrow squeak it had been. The driver of the vehicle picked him up and conveyed him to the Station Hotel junction, where he was taken to his home on another ‘bus.