Trackless Buses – The Doorstep Crawl

December 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 December 1930

Trackless Buses – The Doorstep Crawl

A start has been made on the road widening at the Junction of Welfare Avenue and Old Road, where It is intended that the new Conanby terminus of the trackless vehicles shall be.

The new service is intended to be a vast improvement, and to put on about twice as many runs as has been the case. If the trackless vehicle owners accede to the request of the Urban Council to establish desnite stopping places the service should also be accelerated in that way.

There are in Conisborough many persons who expect to be dropped on their own doorsteps when ‘buses pass, whatever route or service it may be. There is one route in Conisboro’ known to drivers and conductors as “The Doorstep Crawl.” This is a big factor in making ‘buses run late.