Trade in the Mexborough Area in 1889

December 1889

Sheffield Independent – Monday 23 December 1889

Trade in the Mexborough Area in 1889

In the neighborliness of Mexbro’ the year has been for the most part one of unusual activity, and the in- habitants can look forward to Christmas without any misgiving.

The occupation is chiefly in the coal measure, and here there has been regular work, now fortunately made more satisfactory by reason of the increased remuneration.

A fortnight ago the largest tonnage ever brought to the surface at the Manvers Main new pit was realised, viz., 7830 tons, the most extensive output on one of those days being 1461 tons.

As is well known operations are being rapidly proceeded with at the other extremity of Mexbro’ in connection with the sinking of the new pit for the Denaby Main Company, and as we go to press there is a well authenticated report that arrangements are afloat for the sinking of another pit at Conisbro’.

If the railway companies succeed in carrying out their schemes as to the branch lines proposed to be laid there is no doubt that the locality between Doncaster and Maltby will be a perfect “hive of industry ” in a few years, for there is known to be abundance of coal, ore, and sandstone as a substrata.

Greater activity has also been experienced in connection with the iron trade at Mexbro’, and the directors are at last sanguine as to a dividend, orders being not only more numerous, but more profitable. The glass works have been exceptionally busy, and this has not occurred only in the summer months, for the manufacturers state that orders this winter have come to hand very largely and that trade, in fact, continues brisk. Messrs. Barron Bros. have just extended their plant at Mexbro’ by the erection of a manufactory, which is larger than any of the kind in South Yorkshire .

Messrs. Kilner Bros., at Conisbro’, are also making alterations and additions at their works.

The potteries at Swinton and Kilnhurst have also felt the return of commercial prosperity, but not yet to such an extent aa in the other branches of labour.

The boat building at Mexbro’ and Swinton has been of a steady character, and the owners of the yards and docks look forward with great interest to the contemplated enlargement of the canal for navigation purposes.